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Our award-winning cuisine has been nutritionist-designed to meet your daily nutritional needs while also inspiring our guests to create nourishing, seasonal and fuss-free meals and snacks once they have returned home.  Our dedicated chefs provide breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner to ensure you are nutritionally nourished and balanced during your stay. 


Breakfast and dinner is not included on your first and last day due to the timings of our retreat programme.  Please note if you are booked on our mimicking-fasting retreat, morning tea may be omitted. 

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Healthy food never tasted so good

We can cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, ensuring that all our guests can enjoy our delicious and healthy meals. No matter your preferences or requirements - this includes coeliac and gluten-free to dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and diabetic guests. Please share your dietary restrictions on your registration form when booking. 


Hydration is a crucial part of detoxification, supporting overall wellbeing and energy. To assist your body's natural processes, we encourage you to drink a minimum of three litres of water while on retreat.  We intentionally avoid caffeine during our  retreats to lighten the load on our livers and give our adrenal glands a reprieve from heightened cortisol levels linked to caffeine intake.  Being stimulant and alcohol-free we recommend those who consume caffeine daily to start gradually reducing and eliminating it a few days before the retreat to help ease any potential withdrawal symptoms and enhance your overall experience whilst on retreat.  

At our tea station you will discover a large selection of herbal teas alongside Rakau tinctures, our range of specially herbalist formulated tinctures that can help assist a range of health concerns such as stress, sleep and headaches.  

Nutrition education is a fundamental part of our programmes.  Our emphasis is on achieving stable blood sugar levels, boosting energy, enhancing nutrient intake, nourishing our gut health and facilitating a complete food reset.


We prioritize protein, abundant fresh produce, and consuming quality carbohydrates at specific times of the day. Additionally, we advocate for regular eating intervals, incorporating a 10+ hour overnight fasting period overnight to allow the body sufficient time for rest and digestion.


Each retreat programme includes an in-depth nutrition workshop, providing valuable insights into optimal fueling for your body.  Across these workshops we help guests understand key areas of nutrition such as eating the correct foods for fuel, eating at the right times of the day with recommended macro-nutrients and portion sizes, the efficiency and tips of meal planning and learning how to read food labels correctly.  


We want our guests to be equipped with the confidence and knowledge of how to shop and eat healthier once they've returned home.  Our commercial kitchen offers the perfect space for daily cooking workshops, to support our dedication of educating and inspiring guests on their health journey.  

Guests can choose to book a one-on-one nutrition consultation with one of our wellness managers to if they feel they want a deeper understanding of their personal nutrition journey.  This includes putting together an optimal nutrition plan with a personalised perspective on your health and providing extra guidance where needed.  

Each guest receives an accountability bundle as part of your experience with us.  For our returning retreat guests you can choose between Bestow's Gut Skin Connection book or a sample pack of Rakau Tincture samples, formulated by a local Herbalist.  

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Our recipe book

Every guest also receives a complimentary copy of our recipe book Retreat Yourself, inspired retreat living featuring our most popular meals and snacks on retreat and enjoyed by women from all around the world.  Alongside healthy, colourful recipes you will find tips and tools on how to help make meal planning and cooking more efficient and enjoyable.  

One hundred and fifty pages full of inspiration, tips, tricks, and healthy recipes inspired by retreat living. The recipe book was published by Resolution Retreats' Founder, Joelene Ranby.

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